What To Expect When Building Your Pool

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One of the most common delays to pool construction is decision making. Understanding what the process of building your pool will be before it begins will help you know what decisions you must make and when. We hope that this will help you to realize your backyard “Oasis” sooner!

Your pool is now completed. Enjoy!

Throughout this process your pool decking, auxiliary structures and landscaping will have been proceeding. Naturally there will be some coordination of different parts of the job required. Some aspects of the work will have to be completed prior to the next stage of your pool proceeding. For example, the Cabana base or equipment area base will have to be completed before the pool equipment can be installed. There are numerous such examples, but not to worry, throughout the process we will keep you advised of such requirements to help coordinate all aspects of the project. We also have numerous trades we can refer to take care of all your project needs.

Greg and Steve Selinger
Owners, Oasis Pools Ltd.