Custom Designed "Gunite" Concrete Construction Swimming Pools, Whirlpools, Spas & Fountains

What To Expect When Building Your Pool

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One of the most common delays to pool construction is decision making. Understanding what the process of building your pool will be before it begins will help you know what decisions you must make and when. We hope that this will help you to realize your backyard “Oasis” sooner!

Planning & Preparation

Permits: The first step is to submit for a building permit. We will submit early to ensure we are aware of any encumbrances that may affect design. In some rare cases Niagara Escarpment Commission or Conservation Authority approvals may be required.

Hydro: A hydro permit is required for underwater lights Access: The city may require a refundable “curb bond” and /or a letter from the developer or neighbor granting permission Cable Locates: Ontario One 1-800-400-2255 (cable, telephone, Union Gas, Ontario Hydro) to ensure clearance from buried lines. Local Hydro locates must also be requested. These locates must be completed prior to excavation. We take care of all of the above on your behalf.

Overall Design: Planning of pool, surrounding decks, and accessory buildings, etc. may be simple or very involved. Design may be done by owner, Oasis, or by a designer. Some auxiliary structures, cabanas etc. may also require a building permit.

Pool Design: Aspects specific to the pool (i.e. size, shape, depths, spas, water features, interior features of pool, equipment location, etc.)

Layout: After the design details are finalized, and before excavation begins, we layout the pool in the yard to help you visualize it and to help gain a sense of the spatial layout in the yard.


Excavation: The pool is excavated as well as decks and auxiliary structures, etc. Shape – depths and pool interior is critical at this point (e.g. shallow end length)

Forming: Forms are constructed. The pool begins to take shape – this is the last chance to make sure everything is correct and shape and depths are suitable. Pool coping type must be determined at this point as it may affect forming and pool elevation.

Steel Placement: The pool’s structural steel is placed and tied – this will reinforce the concrete structure. Pool Mechanical: Placement of plumbing features in pool prior to concrete pour. Mechanical aspects and water features, etc. should be determined by this point.

Lighting: Lights must be placed, grounded and inspected by Hydro. We like to use 110V lighting, also available with a colour wheel or led lighting for changing colours.

Gunite: Now the concrete is placed for the pool structure. All interior design elements are roughed including stairs, benches, etc. The “Gunite shell” is now complete.

Coping: Coping type and finish must be chosen. We now install the pool coping to cap off the Gunite Shell walls.

Tile: Pool tile and detailing must be chosen. Learn More – [ Choosing your Tile ] (PDF) The next step is to install the tile border and any detailing which may be required.

Marbelite: Lots of choices, some special colours take time to get, so choose as soon as possible. Learn More – [ Marbelite Pool Finishes ] (PDF) The next step is to clean the pool and Marbelite it. Water usually goes in the pool that day or the next at the latest. You may wish to have the water trucked in due to water quality issues or perhaps just to fill quickly. Trucking should be arranged a day or two in advance.

Equipment: Choosing pool equipment (pumps, filters, heaters etc.,). We have lots of options to choose from.

After The Water Is In

Pool Cleaners: Once the pool is filled and circulating and the Marbelite has cured (approx. one week) you may wish to try an automatic pool cleaner. There are several types to choose from. For some cleaners, we can lend you a demo to try in order to help you decide which cleaner suites your needs.


For summer: Solar blankets, thermal blankets

For Spas: spa covers
For winter: Secure covers, or classic winter covers with water bags (Note: Automatic hydraulic covers are also available.)

Chemical Treatments:

These are the most popular choices for water treatment:

  1. Chlorine
  2. Bromine
  3. Salt water chlorine generator

Proper pool chemistry is very important. We offer our customers free water testing and free chemical delivery, all you have to do is call.

Your pool is now completed. Enjoy!

Throughout this process your pool decking, auxiliary structures and landscaping will have been proceeding. Naturally there will be some coordination of different parts of the job required. Some aspects of the work will have to be completed prior to the next stage of your pool proceeding. For example, the Cabana base or equipment area base will have to be completed before the pool equipment can be installed. There are numerous such examples, but not to worry, throughout the process we will keep you advised of such requirements to help coordinate all aspects of the project. We also have numerous trades we can refer to take care of all your project needs.

Greg and Steve Selinger

Owners, Oasis Pools Ltd.