Custom Designed "Gunite" Concrete Construction Swimming Pools, Whirlpools, Spas & Fountains

Reconstruction Option For Your Current Pool

Oasis Pools specializes in concrete pool reconstruction. We have completed hundreds of renovations in the GTA over the last 30 years. In general, we can provide warranteed work regardless of the condition of the existing pool. Our services include but are not limited to:

Coping and Tile Reconstruction

Often, on older pools, the coping and tile line begins to break down, requiring repair.

We provide a specialized solution involving the removal of the existing coping and tile and replacement with our proprietary formed and poured steel reinforced coping system. This is a one piece coping which is structurally integrated into the existing pool and carries a full ten year warrantee. No other company can offer this system and no mortared down coping product can compare in terms of durability.

This system comes in a wide variety of profiles and finishes and can be a part of any existing concrete pool regardless of its current condition. Because we are so confident in our coping system, we offer a full ten year warranty on your new tile line if used in conjunction with our coping. Oasis has been using this system since 1975 with virtually no failures.

Marbeliting, Sandblasting

Oasis Pools plastering crews have travelled the globe due to our expertise and reputation for excellent finishing.

We specialize in the removal of existing paint finishes and the application of various types of marbelite, including coloured and quartz finishes.

Eliminate the pool painting cycle by updating your pool with marbelite. We utilize an environmentally friendly, non-silica wet blasting system to remove all paint and loose debris. We then apply our exclusive polymer modified scratch coat system to guarantee that your new plaster is bonded for the lifetime of the pool. We use no subcontractors and are renowned for our marbelite workmanship.

Pool Lines and Systems

Often, we can significantly improve the performance and reliability of your pool through pool line additions and replacements.

This can include drilling in new returns and adding new concrete skimmers. We can either integrate this work into your existing plumbing or do system modification and full replacements. The addition of updated control systems and automatic chlorination can significantly improve the utility of your concrete pool. These are generally easily added to existing systems.


We specialize in the repair and/or removal of existing pool decking.

Often, an old concrete deck can be brought back to life at a fraction of the cost of replacement. We have various techniques that we have developed over the years to accomplish this including sandblasting and chemical washing.

In the event that the deck cannot be salvaged, we can provide complete solutions including a large selection of poured concrete finishes and natural or artificial laid stone.

Bells and Whistles

There are countless ways to make your old pool state of the art. The addition of new pool lighting, steps, benches, hot tubs and water features is commonplace in pool reconstruction these days.

We have extensive experience in properly incorporating these ideas into existing structures. These types of products can make your reconstructed pool indistinguishable from the best new pools available today.

If you have a concrete pool in your backyard (regardless of the condition), consider yourself lucky. Our experience has shown us that nearly all of these pools are reparable regardless of age or condition. After all, we’re talking about concrete here! Rest easy in the knowledge that a properly repaired concrete pool will provide decades more of trouble free use.

Greg and Steve Selinger

Owners, Oasis Pools Ltd.